Sabine Biesenberger
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{Any} Coaching Clients Won't Do The Trick

Let's get you the right ones!

You're a force of good in the world.

Coaching others to lead a better life is what you’re passionate about and darn good at. The decision to run your own business was a no-brainer.

But your coaching business is driving you nuts, big time

What seemed to be the perfect path to “live your dream” has taken up more space and energy (and money!) than you ever imagined. You feel stuck, scattered, stressed out. It’s becoming harder and harder to keep up the excitement for your business.

Let the right people benefit from your talents—including yourself

Wherever you’re at in your business adventure right now, you’ve got what it takes and you’re doing nothing wrong. In fact, there’s no “right” and “wrong” in running a coaching business—it’s all about finding what fits you and suits your clients.

You have to find the “sweet spot”. That means:

Selling yourself and your coaching packages in a way that feels good (and natural) while finally allowing your business to flourish

Charging enough to free up personal time and eliminate exhaustion without chasing away your perfect clients (the ones you already have, and those you’re dreaming of)

Finding the balance between the time and energy you invest in coaching sessions versus all the other moving pieces of running a business—oh yes, and your personal life!

Your clients are the key to your thriving coaching business. But you certainly don't need to appeal to everybody (bye-bye tirekickers).

I'll show you how to find coaching clients you love to work with and who will love you back.

Actionable advice and free resources:

The real reasons most coaches struggle to find clients

The real reasons most coaches struggle to find clients


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Create coaching packages that thrill your clients (and you!)

Create coaching packages that thrill your clients (and you!)


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The secret to building trust with your coaching prospects

The secret to building trust with your prospects


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"Worth your trust, effort and investment"

Picture of Federico

Federico Vecchiarelli

- USA -

Icons Quotation Marks (Sabine Biesenberger)

Sabine is engaging, passionate, direct, heartfelt and genuine. She's a wonderful mentor and born for this profession. Her non-judgmental capability of understanding my real needs, my blind spots and my areas of development was excellent. She steadily reinforced my new beliefs and empowered me. Through her mentoring I received a renewed consciousness of who I am and who I can be. Sabine is worth your trust, effort and investment.

Icons Quotation Marks (Sabine Biesenberger)

Sabine is a highly professional mentor with strong listening skills. She made me accountable throughout the process and thanks to her powerful questions I've been able to deepen my self-awareness and meet my personal goals. I really appreciated the visualization exercises she proposed to gain clarity around my vision and action plan. I'd highly recommend Sabine to anyone looking to maximize their personal and professional growth.

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Rossella Pin

- Italy -

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