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How to attract coaching clients and skyrocket your income - Blogpost

How to attract coaching clients and skyrocket your income

How to attract coaching clients and skyrocket your income - Blogpost

How to attract coaching clients and skyrocket your income

My coaching clients all want the same thing: to attract coaching clients and, as a result, to make more money doing what they love. There’s nothing wrong or greedy about that. After all, the centrepiece of a successful business is generating money.

If you’re like most of my readers, you’re probably passionate about coaching—and you might have a website, a social media presence and some kind of marketing in place. But you’re just not getting the results you want when it comes to your bottom line. You know there are a million things you could do to grow your business, but you’re overwhelmed and not 100% sure where to focus your energy.

Making more money isn’t as complicated as it seems. But most people overlook or cut corners on a critical step of setting up and running a business: understanding their market. I know, zzz zzz. That sounds so boring!

but trust me on this: if you don't understand your market and its needs, wants and pains, you'll struggle to establish a thriving and successful coaching business—one that confidently passes the critical three-year mark and stays ahead of the game when conditions change.

You're not a mind reader

Many people mess up their early attempts at market research by trying to guess what their ideal clients are thinking and feeling, or by projecting too much of their own situation into the activity.

"But my clients are exactly like I was,” I hear you saying. That might be true, but are you really certain? Talking to many coaches about their challenges, each story seems different, every challenge unique, and a solution that might work for so-and-so is far from perfect for someone else.

it comes down to one thing: you aren't them, and they aren't you.

So first things first: stop soul-searching within yourself, and stop plotting the perfect solution based on your circumstances. And stop guessing, too.

Actually, take all the guesswork out. Do this instead.

Survey your people

To truly succeed in business, you need to know your audience better than they know themselves.

Do it systematically—so you can ask different people the same questions and compare. It’s all about collecting a body of data you can refer to again and again.

To attract coaching clients and make more income you need to know the following about your ideal clients:

  • Who exactly are you selling to?
  • Where do your ideal clients "hang out"?
  • Where do they look for solutions to their problems?
  • Who do they see as an expert?
  • What do they dream about?
  • What do they really want deep down? And why?
  • What is their biggest challenge (something they'd be happily pay to get solved ASAP)?
  • What have they tried in the past to overcome this challenge?
  • Why haven't they found a solution yet?
  • What do they secretly fear they'd need to give up?

You also need to gather information about how they talk, how they describe their problems and what kind of words they use. Watch out for audience-specific jargon, terminology or even slang. (This is especially useful in your sales copy!)

Prepare a set of questions that are appropriate for your niche or market. Send out a written survey or pick up the phone and interview some of your ideal clients—and only them (yes, no family members or friends!).

But what if nobody wants to help me?

Good question, and one of my first thoughts when I did this too. But trust me when I tell you that you won’t experience a lot of rejection. Just put yourself out there. When you ask for help, allow yourself to be vulnerable and humble. Be very clear about what you want and exactly how people can help you.

You'll be surprised to see that most people are happy to jump in; in some instances, they’re even grateful that somebody takes the time to reach out and to listen to them and their struggles (can you believe it?).

When I went through this process for the first time, I got 15 high-quality answers from people I didn’t even know before (and they didn’t know me either) within a 48-hour period. It didn’t cost me a cent. All I did was put out a “shout for help” on different social media platforms, and offer a small thank-you gift (e.g. a checklist that was valuable to them). The second time I used this process, I got 65 replies from a cold audience, and I didn't even offer something in return.

It’s seriously not rocket science. People really will want to help you!

Make use of simple technology to get the ball rolling

As mentioned before, following a system is crucial. The best way to conduct your research is to have a personal conversation. Pick up the phone or do an interview via Skype or Zoom. Follow your script and use your intuition if you think you need to drill down further.

often the first answer a person shares isn't the entire truth... so dig deep and ask "why" many times to get to the root cause. (well, you're a coach, so you know what to do.)

If you prefer written surveys, you can easily set up your questionnaire for free using SurveyMonkey* or you can go with Google Forms, too. (* Keep in mind that SurveyMonkey only allows ten questions and 100 answers with their free offer.) I’ve also heard good things about Wufoo or Typeform. No matter which technology you use, keep it simple and aligned with your purpose.

Your goal is to get data and to learn more about your ideal clients. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be—and don’t let technology stop you. Set yourself a goal to talk to at least seven people over ten days. You can do that.

Take the time to come to a good conclusion

Once you’re done with collecting information, it’s time to analyse and evaluate the data. Is there a common thread? What words do people use to describe their dreams and challenges? What are they looking for in a solution?

Walk in your clients’ shoes for some time—even if it’s just in your imagination—and craft an offer they won’t be able to refuse, at least not if they’re serious about change. With the knowledge you have now, you’re literally speaking their mind, and saying out loud what they barely admit to themselves. You and your services are the perfect match because you understand what they’re really going through and what they truly want.

Et voilà, a task that might seem boring turns into a client magnet and a money-making asset.

To get you star​​​​ted, let me know in the comments below how you'll go about surveying your ideal clients: will it be a personal interview or a written questionnaire? I'd love to hear from you.

P.S. I don’t recommend a lot of things. But if I do, I must have fallen madly in love with that product, service or program. So if you click a link on this page that goes to another company’s website, please assume that I’m most likely an affiliate. This means, that if you buy something from them, I may earn a commission. Even though I highly recommend what they offer, I encourage you to do your own independent research before purchasing anything.

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