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Maybe you’re wondering where the heck all the Facebook ads of your competitors went; or, maybe you didn’t even know that you could find your competitors’ Facebook outside your newsfeed... Well, you’re here, so let’s get you all the information you need when it comes to accessing the Facebook ads of your peers.

Earlier in 2019, you could access your competitors’ Facebook ads under the “about” section on their business profiles. No more. Facebook changed the game and moved those ads over to a separate library. So, the question that I’m getting asked a lot is: where can I find all the ads now?

Watch the video above where I’ll show you how you can access Facebook’s ads vault (you can find ads from tiny to big accounts and everything in-between), and I’ll talk about how you can make the most out of your “research” activity so you don’t miss an important detail.


...where you can access the library full of ads for free without having a Facebook account.

[1:18] to use the search bar the right way so you will get the results you want (yes, there’s a trick to it!)


...what you need to do to see only ads in a specific country.


...the three things you should know before diving into your research activity (think ad variations).


...which information you won’t find in this library.


...all the nitty-gritty details you can get your hands on in this library.


...what else you can do and find in this library (for example, gathering lead magnets ideas or analysing high-converting landing pages).

If you use this library to your advantage, you’ll never feel stuck again when creating Facebook ads as you’ve got all the inspiration in the world at your fingertips. Learn everything about the library by watching this video.


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