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Create coaching packages that thrill your clients (and you!) - Blogpost

Create coaching packages that thrill your clients (and you!)

Create coaching packages that thrill your clients (and you!) - Blogpost

Create coaching packages that thrill your clients (and you!)

If you have a clear picture of what your audience wants and needs (perhaps because you applied what you’ve learned in my blog post about market research), then you’re ready to attract clients. The way you bundle your coaching packages is crucial to achieving just that.

Nobody wants to build a business by accident, and nobody wants to offer “just something.” But a lot of us do exactly this. In the beginning, we want to coach clients—we don’t want to get fancy about how much they pay us or what the work schedule looks like. We’re just keen to get started.

Now don’t get me wrong; this is great for the clients. But what about you?

Run your coaching business on inspiration, not desperation

The coaching packages you offer are the foundation of your business. If you get them right, you’ll thrive as a coach and run a successful business. If you get them wrong, you’ll struggle. This can happen because your packages aren’t appealing and you don’t attract enough clients, or because the packages aren’t the right fit for you and you feel trapped in your own business.

most experts recommend centring your coaching packages around your clients (TO BE FRANK, THEY'LL TELL YOU TO OFFER WHATEVER WILL MAKE YOUR CLIENTS JUMP ONBOARD). I SAY YOU SHOULD FOCUS ON THREE THINGS: your ideal clients' desires, the results that are possible and your own desires as a coachpreneur.

If you consider these three areas when putting your packages together, you’ll feel fired up because you love what you offer. And your clients? They’ll be more than happy to reach for their purse because they know you can help them with their most pressing needs and desires.

Key questions to answer before building your coaching packages

When crafting your coaching packages, you need to ask yourself some essential questions to ensure that you cover the key elements of a package—and address the three components I mentioned above. Don’t worry. I’ll take you by my hand, and we’ll review them together right now. (Psst: If you haven’t done so, it’s time to grab a pen and paper.)

Start with what you want

If you put something out there that’s not aligned with how you want to run your business then it probably won’t work out in the end. Brutal, but true.

Reflect on your desires. What do you want your business to look like in three years’ time? If you set your business up one way, it can be difficult (and scary!) to change in the future… So think about your perfect business model: what coaching packages can you offer that are aligned with your goals and your personal style?

Imagine how you want to deliver your coaching packages. Virtual or in-person? Group-based or one-on-one? Long-term or intensive?​​​​

What's important to you when coaching your clients?

Think about how you want to do business. How much do you want to earn? How many hours do you want to work? From where? Do you prefer open-ended coaching conversations without a set goal or objective in mind or a mix of educating and coaching? Answering these questions should give you a glimpse of what you want. The clearer you are about your desires, the better.

Dig deep into what your clients want

Recap what you’ve gathered about your ideal clients in your market research activity: who are they, what specific problems do they have? What is it they want and would be willing to pay to get solved?

Think about their preferences when it comes to coaching and how to deliver the package. What previous experiences do they bring with them? What do they expect to get out of your coaching, and by when? How price sensitive are they? What is your package worth to them? And so on.

Your ideal clients’ desires should be the driving force behind your coaching packages. Take as much time as you need to paint a clear picture in your mind.

Get clear on the results your coaching packages promise

Once you know exactly what your ideal clients want, it’s time to get specific about the package you’re building.

Ask yourself: How many weeks or months will it take to achieve a true transformation and this specific result? How often and for how long should you talk to your ideal clients to get real sustainable results?

Do you need to follow a curriculum or given agenda to get the results or are free-flowing sessions better? Do you need a longer kick-off session (e.g. half-day intensive) to get started or do they need to do some preparation for the first session? If you put a $-figure next to the results they’ll achieve, what would it be?

Whip it all up into attractive coaching packages

Take all of your answers into consideration and merge them into the perfect packages. Trust the process and don’t overthink it. You’ll have plenty of time to fine-tune the packages after you’ve validated them with your ideal clients.

Once done, ask yourself: Do you feel excited to offer these coaching packages to a potential client? Is this what my clients want?

If yes, you’re ready for the next step. If no, restructure your packages until they hit the mark. And yes, you might need to compromise here and there. Just keep in mind that the best compromise still results in a win-win situation. Neither you nor your clients (and their results) should lose out. Get creative to overcome any friction.

And please don’t stress about your working title right now. If you can’t think of the perfect title, go with something generic and add a fancy one later. Or, if you have too many options and can’t choose, simply split test and see what gets the most traction (you’ll be surprised to hear, but it’s often your least preferred option).

Test your coaching packages before you set them in stone

Are you ready to put your packages out to the world? Hold your horses here. First, validate each package outline with your ideal clients (no, not any person; it must be with the RIGHT kind of person). Write it out as best as you can at this point (we know it’s still evolving!) or figure out a way to describe it in a conversation.

Ask your prospect for feedback. For example, you could ask them about their first impression/gut feeling when they first heard about the package and its promise, features, benefits and price point. Ask them if they’d suggest any adjustments. But most importantly, ask if they would buy the package, and why or why not.

Take lots of notes! Jot down both what the other person says and the words they use in your conversation (this is great stuff for your sales page later on!). If possible, incorporate your clients’ feedback to make your packages even more appealing.

Happy with your packages? Then get the word out. Just remember one thing: you aren’t selling coaching, you’re selling a result.

I know that crafting your coaching packages is the hardest part of all. But I know you can do it if you work with these three components and go deep. You’ll develop masterpieces that are unique, valuable and appealing to your ideal clients and you. Just follow the process—and trust it.

I'd love to hear from you: Do you currently offer coaching packages? If so, are they working for you? If not, commit to create one by sharing in the comments below.

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