The secret to crafting a stellar coaching welcome packet


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Delight your coaching clients with an outstanding onboarding experience

Don’t stop your marketing once you made the sale. Because the truth is that your marketing never ends. So, why not knock the socks off your new coaching clients with something they'd have never expected: a well-thought-through greeting kit that gets them excited about the coaching journey ahead.



…why post-purchase dissonance (or buyer’s remorse) is real, and how you can alleviate it.


…how a coaching welcome booklet fits into your overall onboarding process.


…the five do’s of creating a coaching welcome packet that rocks.


…the three don’ts that should never make it into your welcome package.


…the single question you should ask yourself whenever you’re unsure whether to include a content piece or not.


…what’s included in the packet I created for my mentoring clients (detailed walk-through).


…what you need to keep in mind when you’re “finalising” your greeting package.

Understanding what you need to put in a welcome coaching packet and what to leave out makes all the difference between overwhelming your clients and delighting them. Watch the video as I explain everything that you should consider when creating one so you get it right the first time around.


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read all about how you can craft an Excellent coaching welcome package

Maybe you’re wondering what the hell a coaching welcome packet has to do with marketing. Well, a lot! Why? Because your marketing never ends!

Everything you do in your coaching business that impacts your prospect’s or client’s experience is a part of your marketing, as it shapes your reputation in one way or another. As you’re here, I bet you love the thought of sending your new coaching clients an onboarding package. If only you knew what to put in it, right?!

Don’t fret; I’ve got your back. In this blog post, I’ll walk you through the must-have elements of a well thought-out greeting kit. Plus, I’ll address the things you should probably leave out.

First things first: Understand your client's emotional status

Before we dive into the five DOs, have you ever heard of post-purchase dissonance or buyer’s remorse? That’s marketing jargon for that nerve-wracking feeling of regret and uncertainty you get after the initial ‘purchase high’ because you’ve just realised that you’ve spent a bucket load of money and you aren’t 100% sure it will work out for you.

Ever felt that way? Yes? Your coaching clients get this feeling too, most likely within the hour or day after giving you their credit card details.

That’s why we need to make sure that your welcome experience (watch this space for a blog about this entire process soon) is nothing short of amazing. You want to reinforce the message that they did the right thing and that they’ve chosen the right coach when making their purchase.

So, the goal of your welcome package, which is a crucial part of the overall onboarding process, is to get them into - or even better, maintain - that “feel good” state about their decision, themselves, you and your services!


So let’s dive in and talk about the five Dos of what to include in your client kit as a coach first.

DO #1: Give it a Personal Touch

Start your coaching welcome kit with a personal note where you congratulate your new clients and welcome them into your inner circle.

Reinforce the fact that they made the right decision when choosing you and your coaching program, and briefly point out the benefits they can expect throughout the coaching journey.

DO #2: Make It About Them

Provide guidance and give your clients tips on how to get the most out of your time together.

This section could cover planning, mindset and productivity hacks, as well as pointing out additional resources to make their journey a smooth ride.

DO #3: Show That You Care

Letting your clients know that they’re in good hands and that you care about them and their results are vital steps, so let them know how they can get in touch with you whenever they feel stuck or need extra support.

If you want to set some boundaries, you can do it here, but make sure to phrase it in a positive and uplifting way. This isn’t the place to teach them a lesson on how to do things your way.

DO #4: Lead The Way

Your clients most likely don’t sign up for a coaching package every day. Take them by the hand and give them an overview of the journey ahead: the timeline, the methods, the milestones, the process, what can they expect, and also what can they contribute to making this experience unforgettable.

Make them feel good and reassure them that they did the right thing when saying ‘yes’ to working with you.

DO #5: Get Them Ready

There’s nothing worse than spending the first coaching call on sorting out logistics, covering basic queries, or taking your clients on a journey of 1001 questions covering every possible angle of their lives so far.

So, use the client onboarding packet to gather information and help them get ready for the first coaching call by adding a mini-checklist with a super simple task at the end. Stick to three items on your checklist if possible, and make sure it’s nothing time consuming or hard to do.

Remember, it’s about keeping them in that feel-good state. Think of your coaching welcome packet like a client’s toolkit for getting started with your services—no matter if you’re a life, health, success or relationship coach. 

The Three NO-NOS: What You Should Always Leave Out of a client's Welcome Packet

Now you know the five DO’s, let’s talk about the three NO-NOs (what not to add to your coaching welcome packet) These are three things to leave out of this particular element of your client onboarding experience.

NO-NO #1: Steer Clear Of Pitching

You’ve already sold your coaching program to them, so there is no need to tell them over and over again how great you are, where they should connect with you, how they can join your free group or which masterclass they should sign up for.

The selling is over. Focus your marketing on giving them the best experience possible. If you feel the urge to include a short bio, go for it, but don’t overdo it. Be Humble.

NO-NO #2: Keep Your Inner Teacher At Bay

Want to know the secret of an instant mood change? Tell your clients what to do, or worse, remind them of the terms and conditions that they agreed to line by line. Keep the legal stuff, any rules they need to stick to, or obligations they need to follow out of the package.

You can undoubtedly manage expectations but do it subtly and with love. Even better, ask yourself if this section really needs to be in there or if you can address it at another time.

NO-NO #3: Don’t Treat Them Like A Transaction

Always treat your new coaching clients as a person. I can’t tell you how often I see a client welcome package which is purely focused on transactional stuff. Payment receipt, agreement letter, lengthy forms, rules explained, and so on.

Don’t remind them how much they paid for your services. Remind them what they will get out of it. Don’t ask them for information that they already provided you with when they signed up. Ask them what they’re most excited about! Don’t ask them questions that have nothing to do with their goals, but instead explore what matters to them.

Make them feel unique and special - like they’re one in a million, not just a number on your revenue spreadsheet. Humanise and emotionalise your content.

if you're one the fence what content to put in or leave out, ask yourself this question

A little bonus tip here, whenever you’re unsure if you should include something or not, ask yourself: Is this relevant right now?

The emphasis is on the ‘right now’, because there’s a lot of stuff you will want to let your clients know about and that’s okay. But the question is: can you let them know about this at a later point in time without jeopardising the coaching outcome?

A coaching welcome packet is all about serving bite-sized chunks of information at the right time that keeps your new clients in a feel-good state and helps them understand how you roll.

Want a sneak peek into my coaching welcome packet?

Before we wrap up, I’d like to give you an example of the coaching package I created for mentoring my clients. You can watch the video above to see some visual examples, and I’ll walk you through the content here.

I start with a personal letter, congratulating them on their great decision to work with me alongside some information about what they have to look forward to, and the benefits they can expect.

Next, I walk them through the three simple things to do to get the ball rolling. They’re all relevant, super easy tasks to complete. Rather than including a questionnaire here, I put it in a separate email which they receive after the welcome packet. This is a great way to avoid information overload in your coaching client’s welcome package.

On the next page, I walk them through the timeframe and session we have and give them tips on how to maximise them for their benefit and advance quickly. I also talk about how I am here for them and include some information about how to best get in touch with me for a quick response.

The next section is all about the mentoring sessions, including some logistics. In this section, I give them a quick overview of the tools we use, why we use them, what they’re all about and which ones are a must-have, like Trello for example, especially if someone signed up for the Profitable Launch Project.

The next part is about how to get the best return on investment and best practices. It is followed by a short copy of the importance of giving feedback to foster an open and honest environment. Then I address frequently asked questions previous clients asked me that I know they could be useful for them too.

Lastly, I include a quick checklist and a collection of useful links. I don’t see this welcome package for new clients as set in stone at all, and I always update and move around things based on the feedback of my clients and the nature of the mentoring package.

Keep in mind that this welcome package isn’t everything they receive. I’ve created an entire welcome process, or onboarding experience, for my clients to set them up for success from the get-go which includes various elements.

I’ll talk about this soon on my YouTube channel. So, head over my YouTube marketing channel and make sure to subscribe and hit the bell if you want to be the first to know about it!

Now you know what needs to go into a welcome packet and what should be avoided. You understand that this is a balancing act between providing the nitty-gritty details and maintaining a feel-good vibe. In the end, your welcome kit is a reflection of your brand, positioning strategy and your values.

So over to you, what’s one thing you plan to change or include in your coaching welcome packet? Let me know by heading over to this video on my channel and leaving a comment!

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