Copywriting for coaches

(or: how to boost sales with words)


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If you want to make more sales as a coach, why not up-level your copywriting skills?

During this in-depth masterclass specifically designed for coaches, Jess Drury, founder of & copywriter extraordinaire, spills the beans on everything copywriting. It’s a must-watch training no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned coachpreneur as it’ll change how you prepare for and write your copy forever—whether for your website, social media or email campaigns.

Here's what you'll learn during this in-depth masterclass:


...why knowing your archetype(s) is crucial to connecting with your ideal clients on a deeper level.


...the reasons why headline formulas backfire and how you should craft click-worthy headlines instead.

[10:46] to answer the question “what’s unique about you / why should I work with you”?


...the techniques pros use to avoid cliches when writing copy.


...what a brand essence statement is and why every coach (yes, you!) should have one.


...the secret sauce to writing a compelling “about” page.


...the importance of storytelling and the three key plots you should use to draw your audience in.


...whether you should write long or short copy to get the result you’re after.


...the three factors that determine the length of your sales page.

[59:33] tricks to edit your copy like an expert.

[1:16:43] to overcome the “blinking cursor syndrome” and getting out of the funk when creativity runs low.


...the simple steps you can follow to add zest to any copy.

No matter which fancy sales funnel that you use or which shiny market tactic you put out there, writing enticing and persuasive copy is key to get noticed and to build trust. Only when your audience feels a connection with you, will they reach for their purses and commit to working with you. The best part: There’s no excuse because writing better copy can be learnt. So, start your copywriting mastery today by watching the video!


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