How to find a profitable coaching niche

(the one you’re also passionate about)


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It’s time to say good-bye to niche hopping.

Picking a coaching niche is easy, but it doesn’t mean that the one you have chosen is working out for you… The reason that your “niche” isn’t working for you is that it’s more than likely that you didn’t assess or check your niche against the three key components that separates a winning niche from the losers. Still, you’re here now and eager to avoid this mistake in future.

So, Let's dive in and uncover the following:


...which coaching niches are more profitable than others.


...the three components you must keep front and centre if you want to find a lucrative coaching niche.


...what it means for your business if you miss a component when choosing your niche.

[4:07] you can use this framework and make it work for you.


...probing questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you ticked off all three components before settling down on a niche.

Finding a money-making niche is easy when you have the right “tools” in your box… a niche that fits you perfectly, makes your clients happy and feeds your bank account.


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