How to chat with a Facebook Representative

- The quick, step-by-step process to get in touch with Facebook -


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Need help? Don’t fret. Facebook’s Live Chat Support is only a few clicks away.

The times were you fought your way through “helpful” articles to get a page, group or ads-related issue resolved is over. Because you can skip the headache and talk to a human being to get your Facebook activities back on track.

WATCH THIS MINI-Guide in video-format AND YOU'll learn:


...where to go and how to initiate the live chat.


...the less obvious yet most important section you don’t want to miss (psst: it’s only visible during their country-specific office hours).


...everything about the categories the live chat folks can help you with.


...the two paths you can take to start the chat in Messenger.


...the details you need to have at hand to fill in the form correctly and get connected with a Facebook representative.

Knowing that you can reach out to someone on Facebook when experiencing glitches makes managing the business side of coaching a piece of cake. Watch the video now and bookmark the page so that you can follow along when you need Facebook’s support rather than wasting precious time trying to figure things out on your own.


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Link to START THE CHAT (via Facebook for business Portal):

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